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A biocide is defined as any kind of chemical substance or microorganism intented to be used for the control, deactivation or disposal of the harmful chemical or biological actives.

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has empasised on potential danger of production and usage of biocides by defining them as “a diverse group of poisonous substances including preservatives, insecticides, disinfectants, and pesticides used for the control of organisms that are harmful to human or animal health or that cause damage to natural or manufactured products”

At the present time depending on many factors like development of industry, improvement of the technology, changing of  the life styles, urbanization, increase in wastes, population growth, there has been also an increase and varity in health threatening dangers. Protective systems should be powerful and active in order to not being defenseless to any recent risks. The first rule for that is knowladge and education.

In our country there has been increase in biocide product range depending on circumstances like transition to modern agriculture, improvement and proliferation in health care services, differrent emergent industrial sectors. In this context; many needs have arisen like tracking the relevant scientific developments, evaluation, actualization, exact and scientifically informing of the society, doing relevant scientific research,  either education of community or professionals, creating analysis infrastructure.

Biocidal Occupational and Environmental Health Association was founded in 2015 with its academic staff, objectives of foundation, actions, targets and feature of “being first" in its field.

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